MOR Bakery & Café Serves Up Gluten-Free Treats In Milwaukee

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MOR Bakery & Café Serves Up Gluten-Free Treats In Milwaukee

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When Traci Morgan-Hoernke, owner of MOR Bakery & Café in Milwaukee, began navigating health issues by eliminating gluten in her son’s diet, she wasn’t anticipating the start of a new business venture.

Proving that some of the best business ideas begin as happy accidents, MOR Bakery & Café opened in August, boasting delicious, gluten-free treats. Morgan-Hoernke’s Swedish-born grandmother, a first-generation American, instilled in her a deep appreciation for home cooking and her Swedish heritage, which influenced the name of the café – Mor is mother in Swedish.

“I’ve always loved and enjoyed the stories behind why people bake,” she said. “My recipe box is filled with hand-written recipes from those who are no longer with me. Each one is a memory of a conversation about an ingredient and a warm recollection of days gone by.”

There’s no shortage of sweet treats in Milwaukee, but gluten-free options in the city are somewhat limited.

Morgan-Hoernke saw a hole that needed to be filled, and she felt strongly that she had the tools to make a change for the better. With enticing cookies, brownies, peanut butter bars and crumbles with gluten-free oats imported from Finland on the menu, Milwaukee has a new cure for its sweet tooth.

Exciting additions are on the horizon for MOR Bakery & Café once winter weather begins to creep in.

Currently, the eatery shares the 170,000-square-foot building with two breweries and a distillery – Morgan-Hoernke mentioned a partnership certainly would make sense. While she mainly is focused on creating bakery items, she has started serving soups, salads and small grab-and-go items. Morgan-Hoernke is particularly excited about a gluten-free, vegan Swedish almond cake.

Community events, live music and a beautiful scene of the Kinnickinnic River help draw crowds to this space. Aiming to foster a sense of community for all patrons, a wheelchair ramp is being installed outside of the café, which will be completed before or during the winter months. Sixty-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows provide awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset views for the café’s patrons.

“I am super happy to learn more about the culture my family came from,” she added. “It warms my soul.”

When asked how she feels going to work every day, Morgan-Hoernke replied, “I continue to feel extremely blessed that I get to call this corner of the world home.”

Keep up with MOR Bakery & Café on its website and Facebook page.

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