Mini Rodini: Imaginative And Whimsical Children’s Clothing

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Mini Rodini: Imaginative And Whimsical Children’s Clothing

Maternity leave for most moms means bouncing babies, nursing around the clock and squeezing every second of sleep in that you can. But for Cassandra Rhodin, she decided it was the time to pitch her business that she grew alongside her baby bump.

A few weeks back, we shared our favorite pieces from the illustrative children’s line Mini Rodini, but we didn’t really talk about how cool its back story is.

The birth of a business

When Rhodin was pregnant with her first son, she was in a lot of pain, which forced her to rest. In an interview with the website MyBaba, Rhodin shared how she occupied her time during her pregnancy.

“All I could do was sit and draw, having said this, I did have this incredible energy,” she told MyBaba. “I became engrossed in drawing and designing clothes for the child inside me. When my son was born, I took him under one arm with my portfolio under the other, and went around to show off my hard work.”

And the result of her work was immediate.

She launched Mini Rodini in 2006 by selling products in a few stores in Stockholm – they sold out almost immediately. According to the Mini Rodini website, “Everything happened very quickly and what started with tons of boxes stacked in Cassandra’s apartment in Stockholm shortly became an independent shop just a block away.”

But you may be wondering, how did Rhodin come up with the name Mini Rodini?

In the same MyBaba interview, Rhodin talked about her creative roots, her fashion background and how her great grandfather lent his name to her business.

“My great grandfather called himself Rodini when he was a young man travelling with the circus. He performed with gypsies in the late 1890s before he started his own circus,” she said. “My family occupied a world of creative jobs. There was everything from actors to painters, directors to circus-artists, acrobats, ballet dancers and illusionists. It was where it all started for me. I didn’t have many toys as a child, so instead I sat and painted. As a girl I used to draw and dream of becoming an author or an illustrator.”

Rhodin’s illustrative knack is what makes Mini Rodini so fun, whimsical and recognizable. As the brand touts across its social media pages, the company is “a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible.”

Everything is green

Just as important as the whimsical illustrations on Mini Rodini’s clothes is the material of the clothes themselves.

Each year, Mini Rodini releases a sustainability report, which details the company’s eco-friendly practices and processes.

“At Mini Rodini, sustainability goes to the heart of our business,” reads an excerpt of a letter that opens the latest sustainability report by CEO Johan Larsson and sustainability manager Karin Iseman. “From the very beginning, when we opened up our first store in Stockholm, it was a given for all staff to have a conscious mind and give consideration towards people and planet.  This care and attention springs from the bottom up, it is a mindset rooted in our whole workforce and is implemented in all parts of our business.”

Mini Rodini utilizes 100 percent organic cotton for its products and has incorporated recycled denim and polyester into its range of materials. It also has a special collection that takes scraps from previous pieces to make new products. Additionally, by the year 2021, it is working toward giving their factory workers living wages, not just minimum wage.

Get it now

Today, the pieces that once were found only in small shops in Stockholm are now in more than 500 retailers around the world (and, of course, online). Some of Mini Rodini’s latest pieces include a John and Yoko-inspired panda collection, as well as pieces from a collaboration with adidas.

And if you’re like us, you appreciate a peek behind the curtain to learn about the people behind our favorite brands. For example, did you know Cassandra loves seafood – particularly King Crab Salad? She shares her family recipe at the bottom of this blog post. And if you’re kicking around Stockholm looking for a new shop to explore, check out some of Rhodin’s must-stop spots, which she details in this article on The Guardian.

Keep up with Mini Rodini on its Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

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