In the News: Getting a Head Start on Midsummer, and Sweden’s ‘Wonder Woman’ 

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In the News

In the News: Getting a Head Start on Midsummer, and Sweden’s ‘Wonder Woman’ 

Summer is all about Scandinavian festivals in Chicago.

Dancing, food and games, the Midsummer season is kicking off with celebrations, bonfires and festivals galore! The Daily Herald has everything you need to know about the two largest Scandinavian festivals for Chicagoans to enjoy – both take place this weekend!

And stay tuned next week – Umgås will be rolling out even more Midsummer necessities, from what to wear to where to celebrate.

Also in the news…

Meet the real ‘Wonder Women’ from the movie ‘Wonder Woman’

Alongside Wonder Woman (played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot), are several strong female characters, many of whom play Amazons. The Huffington Post highlights a few of these characters and the real, role-model women who play them. One of these women is Sweden’s own Madeleine Vall, who plays the character Egeria and is a professional MMA fighter in real life.

Meet Sweden’s Newest Rising Tech Billionaire

Niklas Östberg is on track to becoming Sweden’s youngest new tech billionaire, according to Business Insider Nordic. Östberg is the co-founder of Europe’s leading online food delivery service, Delivery Hero and founder of, his first online food ordering platform. Delivery Hero is looking to make Östberg a pretty penny when its IPO goes up on the Frankfurt stock exchange for 450 million euro later this year.

Museum of Failure Now Open

Last week, the Museum of Failure opened its doors to the public in Sweden. The Washington Post highlights a few of the displays and the inspiration behind brainchild of the museum, Samuel West. Check out Colgate’s frozen lasagna, Trump’s failed board game, Harley-Davidson cologne and more at the new pop-up museum that is scheduled to be open through September.

Swedish Man Acquitted Thanks to Podcast

“Serial” was a big hit here in the States. A Swedish true-crime podcast similar to serial is being credited with the decision to acquit a man after being imprisoned for 13 years. Newsweek breaks it all down here.

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