What Is The Midnight Sun? An Arctic Circle Phenomenon

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What Is The Midnight Sun? An Arctic Circle Phenomenon

Imagine experiencing a sunset and sunrise all at once. In the Swedish Lapland, and throughout the Arctic Circle, you can experience a summer day that never ends—or that’s what it feels like, at least. An experience like this can be disorienting because, while your body is physically telling you it’s time to sleep, the light outside is persuading your mind that there’s still time to play.

Let’s dive deeper with another five “W’s” lesson, this time about the Midnight Sun.

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…can experience the Midnight Sun? Anyone living in or visiting countries in the Arctic Circle, which in addition to Scandinavia also includes Russia, Alaska and Canada.


The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in places north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. During this time, the sun is still visible during the middle of the night. Please note: This phenomenon should not be confused with the teen romantic drama, “Midnight Sun,” starring Bella Thorne.


According to Visit Sweden, the Midnight Sun is usually between end of May and mid-July. And the further north you go, the longer you’ll be able experience 24-hour sunlight.


The best place to view the sun in Sweden is ideally north of the Arctic Circle, as long as there are no mountains or valleys blocking your view. Want specifics? Check out Routes North, a Scandinavian travel guide, with routes and maps for the best viewing locations.


During the summer, the Earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun. Because of this tilt, the sun never dips below the horizon to set.

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