Meet The Curators Of Sweden

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Meet The Curators Of Sweden

Each week, a different Swede takes charge in representing their country through Sweden’s official Twitter account, @Sweden. The project is called Curators of Sweden and allows Swedish citizens to share skills, experiences, opinions and stories about the diverse people living across the country to an audience of more than 134,000.

The Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden launched the project in 2011 to engage and capture the curiosity of Twitter users across the globe in an effort to generate interest in what Sweden has to offer. The Curators of Sweden are free to share personal opinions and beliefs, hobbies and relevant third-party thoughts as long as they follow a code of conduct that refrains from attacking beliefs and individuals.

From award-winning journalists, rural farmers and beekeepers to students fresh out of (and still in) high school, former Olympic athletes and retirees, Curators of Sweden has given a voice to all types of people in Sweden.

Earlier this year, our buddy Maddy Savage, international multi-media journalist and host of The Stockholmer, shared her experiences of living in Stockholm.

Last year, Roller Derby player Elin Sundling shared her love for poetry; Swedish Youth United Nations representative Björn Fonden shared his efforts to support the environment; and queer Christian activist Lina Landström encouraged others to simply love one another.

A full archive of curators since the project launched can be found here.

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