The Mecca of Meatballs: a Q&A with Stockholm’s Meatballs for the People

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The Mecca of Meatballs: a Q&A with Stockholm’s Meatballs for the People

_MG_3404Rooster meatballs, anyone?

Meatballs for the People has about any meatball you can imagine, from wild boar to salmon – and yes, rooster. The rustic “meatballeria” offers dine-in and take-out in Stockholm’s Södermalm district and features locally-sourced meats, vegetables and beers.

We caught up with Meatballs for the People’s restaurant manager Donna Jones on the story behind the restaurant and why you should check it out.

Why meatballs?

Meatballs for the People has been a long process…

It started about five years ago when one of our owners (Mathias Pilblad) started to get interested in organic products and started really looking into what is in packaged foods in our supermarkets. As a meatball lover this was one of his first discoveries. The Swedish meatballs you buy at the supermarket [that] most Swedes have grown up on, there is about 30 percent meat. The rest is what we call filler foods. Potato, flour along with all the additives and preservatives.

It was [at] that time Mathias started the meatballs process. He traveled all over Europe eating meatballs and investigating what made great meatballs and how he could make the meatball making process easier.

All your meat is locally sourced. Why is that important to you?

For us it’s extremely important to us to use only Swedish meats. We want to be as real as possible, there is so much bad stuff in foods today, and no one really knows what they are eating. Not only is our meat local, it’s organic, and in every batch of meatballs we know exactly where the meat has come from, who the farmer is, the age of the animal and what it’s been fed.


Do you have a favorite meatball you’ve made?

We’ve had many different meatballs, in fact we have tried about 120 different recipes. My two favorites – because I can’t chose one – are veal meatballs with truffle and lamb meatballs with rosemary and goat cheese.

Pretend someone is traveling to Stockholm, and they have two hours to explore Södermalm. After having lunch at Meatballs for the People, what should they do and see?

We are situated in the middle of SoFo, the hipster part of town. There are loads of great cafés and beer bars around us. We are also very close to the photographic museum, which is amazing, and then I would definitely (in the summer time) grab a boat into the archipelago for afternoon tea.

Editor’s note: SoFo stands for “South of Folkungagatan” a street located in the district of Södermalm.

_MG_3363Any plans for pop-up restaurants in the future? Any chance you’ll visit the U.S.? We need good meatballs!

We have done a pop-up restaurant in Japan during the 2014 Christmas. And in our near future, we will be looking at a new restaurant in Stockholm and after that possibly New York.

Meatballs for the People is located at Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm. Visit its website here. Check out its Facebook page here.


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