In the News: Malin Ackerman admits her love for IKEA

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In the News

In the News: Malin Ackerman admits her love for IKEA

Architectural Digest recently interviewed the Swedish-born celebrity and actress about her Moroccan-style home and love for Ikea.

“I go to IKEA quite a bit for Marabou Swedish Chocolates and to take my son,” Malin Ackerman says in this Q&A. “It’s a fun place to walk through and especially for him, because kids go through things so quickly and it’s just easy to buy cheap things that you know are going to be recycled within a few years.”

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Did you know Sweden has a Moose Safari?

There are several reasons why people might enjoy a visit to Sweden. We typically think of the beautiful architecture, wilderness, views for miles, fika, Michelin star restaurants and museums. The list goes on and on.

In this round up, Thrillist highlights some additional and amazingly odd reasons to visit Sweden, like Marcus Eldh’s Moose Safari in Skinnskatteberg where visitors can see boar, foxes, wolves and moose, of course, during a five-hour tour.

Parent like a Swede

Scandinavian parents are fond of letting their children run wild and play in the dirt. In fact, they believe daily fresh air is so important for toddlers that year-round, outdoor napping is a common practice. Swedish-American author Linda Åkeson McGurk says, “Parents report that babies take longer and deeper naps when they sleep comfortable bundled up outside in the cold.”

In this Time contribution, McGurk captures a few more Scandinavian parenting practices that can benefit children.

Ikea lets customers preview furniture in their homes with augmented reality

Ikea launched Ikea Place, an app now available on iOS that uses Apple’s ARKit tech to create an augmented reality so customers can see 3-D renderings of more than 2,000 products in their home, according to Digiday. This new tool is expected to help increase online sales. “Seeing lifelike versions of Ikea’s products in rooms lets shoppers make a reliable buying decision,” Michael Valdsgaard, leader of digital transformation at Inter Ikea said.

World’s fastest car is Swedish

When it comes to innovation, technology, start-ups and sustainability, Sweden is ahead of the game. And now Sweden is in the lead when it comes to speed. Koenigsegg is the maker of the Agera RS, a supercar with a 1360 horsepower than can accelerate from 0 to 400 km/h and back to zero in 36.44 seconds, according to Nordic Business Insider.


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