Making the Next Marble Machine

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Making the Next Marble Machine

Odds are, you’ve heard of the Marble Machine.

The machine, the brainchild of Swedish musician Martin Molin, is a musical masterpiece that makes use of some 2,000 marbles to produce a memorable melody. YouTube viewership since it premiered in March of 2016 has topped 50 million.

Molin and his band, Wintergatan, are at it again.

Molin is hard at work on building Marble Machine X and documenting the progress on the band’s YouTube channel, which has nearly 700,000 subscribers. Each Wednesday, new videos are uploaded showing progress on the new Marble Machine.

“The first machine was a viral success but a mechanical failure,” Molin says on a recent video about differences between the production of the machines.

In the meantime, Wintergatan is writing and recording a double album and envisions a world tour that will include the Marble Machine X.


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