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Living the Lagom Life

While Vogue stopped just shy of saying 2017 is the year of lagom, the everything-in-moderation lifestyle is so very Swedish – and we love it.

We’ve already talked about what lagom is and its etymological roots, but when outlets like the NY Daily News and The Huffington Post say hygge is out and lagom is in, we take notice.

Ikea recently launched its Live Lagom project, which reinforces the eco-friendly and fiscal impact a lagom lifestyle has. This brochure is targeted at Ikea’s U.K. audience, but it hits on some very important things like conserving energy, reducing water use and creating less waste that can be useful no matter where you live.

If you’re looking to adapt the just-enough lifestyle, House Beautiful has you covered. The magazine outlines 28 ways to become a lagomer, including turning off lights and electronics, switching to LED lightbulbs and rechargeable batteries and reusing what you can (HGTV has some great ideas for upcycling odds and ends).

A good trend wouldn’t be a trend unless there were some haters. This opinion piece from the Guardian hits on the love/hate relationship some Swedes – particularly the author – has about the doctrine. Richard, we hear you, but wanting just enough doesn’t need to equate to a middle-of-the road lifestyle.

Lagom could be a craze that sticks around for a bit. The concept is so popular, a magazine has embraced the name and is distributed around the world.

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