Little Sweden USA is Home to Scott’s Hometown Foods

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Little Sweden USA is Home to Scott’s Hometown Foods

Thank goodness for the internet, which allows us to order meatball mix, lingonberries and limpa from the comforts of our own home without waiting for a trip to Sweden!

Scott’s Hometown Foods may look like your everyday grocery store, but take a moment to look around, you’ll find an array of Swedish and other Scandinavian treats – available in store and online.

For more than 20 years, Scott and Susan Achenbach, the owners of Scott’s Hometown Foods, have been selling an assortment of Swedish and Scandinavian foods from their storefront in Lindsborg, Kansas – also known as “Little Sweden USA.” Scott’s Hometown Foods offers the largest variety of Swedish foods in the area, and while most of the products sold at the store are imported directly from Sweden and areas of Scandinavia, the rest of their products are made in-house.

Scott’s Hometown Foods - Potato SausageSome of the best-selling items include Scott’s Swedish Potato Sausage, Bond-Ost cheeses, Scott’s Swedish Rye Bread, Leksands products and, of course, a variety of lingonberries.

In addition to the storefront offerings, the retailer also provides catering to its local crowd, serving up Swedish dishes like potato sausage, meatballs and ostkaka (alongside American dishes like fried chicken and BBQ brisket).

If you can’t make it to Scott’s Hometown Foods in person, Swedes and lovers of Swedish food living anywhere in America can order products to be delivered right to their doorstep.

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