Let’s Get Nude – Nudie Jeans, That Is

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Let’s Get Nude – Nudie Jeans, That Is

There’s something cheeky about being able to say you’re wearing Nudie Jeans – the thought makes us blush a little.

Nudie Jeans’ brand has embraced its bare moniker, from thinking of jeans as a second skin to its raw, dry sourcing of fabric, captured with the tagline, “The naked truth about denim.”

Nudie Jeans founder Maria Erixon and her partner Joakim Levin launched the denim brand in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2001. For Erixon, as she mentioned in an interview with Da Man magazine, denim is more than just a fabric. “Denim is a part of our culture and has been a significant fabric in so many eras, from being the standard for workwear to defining the style of punks as well as hippies,” she told the Indonesian magazine.

Erixon also noted in the interview that places, movies and lyrics are sources of inspiration that influence her direction with the brand: “This dichotomy of inspirations, between denim itself and external influences, keeps the balance between our original design aesthetic and a more contemporary direction.” That inspiration is evident by the continual evolution of Nudie Jeans’ original five-pocket design, updated each season with a new, contemporary aesthetic.

When interviewing with W, Erixon referenced denim’s nature and its flexibility to fit all genders and ages. In an industry where trends are so short-lived, denim poses as an anomaly and a constant. Erixon founded Nudie Jeans with the underlying belief that wear and tear gives denim more character, essentially making the fabric ever-changing and full of life.

Nudie Jeans may be a relatively small brand, but it has made an impact in the fashion industry, both in and out of Sweden. The company’s philosophy includes goals of sustainability and responsible jean production, which impact the environment and the overall quality of the denim itself.

Nudie Jeans’ product designs help shape an effervescent brand that has been coming out with endless styles for more than 16 years. While the company specializes in pre-washed jeans, it also offers a variety of clothing and accessories, like knits, shirts, tees, belts, bags and more.

To learn more about Nudie Jeans and all it has to offer, check it out online.

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