Let Loose With Swedish Drinking Games, Songs And More

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Let Loose With Swedish Drinking Games, Songs And More

It’s true – the holidays are when families come together to celebrate, share joy and create memories together. But we all know there is a moment during all the togetherness that requires a little bit of silliness (like when grandpa starts fussing at your uncle for building the fire wrong). We’ve pulled together a few Swedish drinking games, songs and dances you can break out this holiday season to help lighten the mood. These also are good to have your in-holiday survival kit in the case of inclement weather!

Pen in Bottle

One of our favorite Swedes, Alicia Vikander, schooled Jimmy Fallon on Pen in Bottle, a classic Swedish drinking game. All you need is an empty bottle, some string and a pen. Check out the video below (and if you’re interested, check out Vikander’s now-husband Michael Fassbender’s turn with Fallon). With awkward squatting and ample opportunity for inappropriate jokes, this is a fun one to break out after a glögg or two.

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts

If you’ve seen “The Late, Late Show with James Cordon,” you’ve probably seen his sketch, “Spill Your Guts, or Fill Your Guts.” While this isn’t really a Swedish game, you could easily put a Swedish spin on the game! Jot down a few juicy questions (watch one of Cordon’s clips for inspiration), then grab some Swedish oddities like Kalles Kaviar, tunnbrödsrulle, kalvdans (a dessert made with unpasteurized cow colostrum milk) and surströmming (tinned fish) and you’re all set for an interesting twist on truth or dare.

Helan Går

A popular drinking song in Sweden, “Helan Går” is basically an ode to the shot, and in the case of the Swedes, it’s probably a shot of aquavit. Listen to Will Ferrell singing the tune below (at the 1:35 mark), and if you’re not familiar with the tune, here are the lyrics and an English translation to help you sing along.

Swedish Christmas tunes

Sometimes, you just want to listen and sing along to some good ol’ holiday music. If you think the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear, then check out The Local’s round up of traditional Swedish Christmas songs.

Små grodorna

What better way to bring in the holiday than with a little bit of dancing? “Små grodorna,” which is Swedish for “little frogs,” is a dance that usually happens during Midsummer celebrations, but some like to break out the dance while circling and dancing around the Christmas tree. The video below is a little grainy, but you get the idea.

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