Learn To Swear Like A Swede

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Learn To Swear Like A Swede

When it comes to profanity, Swedes are not shy.

In fact, in Sweden cursing is common on television, and people often freely exercise their right to express themselves, especially with American curse words.

In this 2017 video, the BBC shares a hilarious tutorial of how to swear like a Swede, complete with translations and when to use them. We pulled the Swedish swear words and their translations for quick reference in case they might come in handy, but if you need a good laugh and lesson in Swedish culture, just hit play.

Vad Fan translates to “what the devil.”

Din jävla skitstövel translates to “you devilish poop boot.”

Din snuskummer translates to “you dirty lobster.”

Gå och dra något gammalt över dig translates to “go and put something really old over you.”

Nu har du verkligen skitit i det blå skåpet translates to “now you really pooed in the blue cupboard.”

And if you’re in need of some PG-rated expressions in Swedish, check out our guide of Swedish idioms and their meanings.

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