Getting Kozy With Konfetti Moccasins

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Getting Kozy With Konfetti Moccasins

Hand-knitted booties are a staple at many newborn baby photo shoots – and come in handy through baby’s early weeks and months. But once baby starts walking, socks and booties can become problematic on hardwood floors.

That’s where Konfetti moccasins come in (or in this case, come on).

Konfetti has been selling Swedish moccasins in the United States for a few years, but long before the company was known as Konfetti, it had humble beginnings in the Swedish countryside.

The crowded moccasin market

To get to the heart and sole of Konfetti, we go back to the 1950s when Åke Johansson was reading the paper and saw an ad from Malmström & Co, a Swedish moccasin manufacturer. Malmström & Co was looking for knitting contractors, so Johansson set up shop in a room at home, where everything from spooling to billing took place.

The demand got so great, Johansson ended up hiring his own contractors to help with production, and he eventually built his own factory to streamline his business. Why was this knitted footwear so hot?

“At that time, the 1950s, there were quite a few companies in Sweden making this product,” Konfetti President John Haug said. “People in Sweden were sewing leather on socks to reinforce them and make them last longer, and with the climate, they helped keep people warm. These companies consolidated, some went out of business, until they were consolidated into Nowali.”

Nowali is what Johansson’s company became when he sold everything to his brothers and sisters in 1968. The name Nowali comes from the song, “Akta dig för indianerna,” which means “beware of the Indians,” by Swedish singer Gunnar Wiklund.

Nowali eventually became a brand under Cansocks, a Swedish manufacturer that makes, you guessed it, socks.

How Nowali moccasins made their way to the U.S.

Nowali Swedish moccasins were sold around the world, distributed through importers, but in the 1990s, Haug was approached to run an operation directly selling the beloved footwear in the United States.

“In 1997, they wanted to create a new company in the States,” Haug said. “They approached me, I was in the children’s clothing business at the time, and we set up a company here in the U.S with Nowali. They sold the company to me in 2009, and they discontinued Nowali as a brand. It’s no longer produced in Sweden under that name, but we continued to produce the same product, but we changed our name to Konfetti.”

Sprinkled with cuteness

We’ll just say how we really feel about these shoes: Konfetti moccasins are adorable.

Each moccasin has a sock frame and is stitched to a leather, non-skid sole, and there are dozens of varieties to choose from. In our conversation with Haug, he mentioned there was a bit of a learning period bringing Nowali’s designs and patterns stateside. Turns out, not all Sweden patterns resonate in the U.S. market, like Dala horses (although, we know our readers love a good Dala horse). The U.S. market leans towards simpler, cleaner patterns like stripes and more American symbols, like cars.

In addition to selling moccasins, Konfetti also sells sunglasses, tights and socks. And don’t think Konfetti is just for kids – parents are covered, too.

Just for Umgås readers, Konfetti is offering a 20% discount with the code HAPPYFEET through June 30, 2019. There also is free shipping to most countries worldwide, including Sweden. To learn more and to buy a pair for yourself (and your little ones), head over to Konfetti’s website.

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