Jennifer Garner Got Lost While Kayaking in Sweden…Who Would We Want To Save Us?


Jennifer Garner Got Lost While Kayaking in Sweden…Who Would We Want To Save Us?

 You may have seen that Jennifer Garner got lost while kayaking with her daughter Violet in Stockholm.

Garner took to Instagram to detail her exploits, which included a picture-perfect sunset and a rescue by a Swede named Mattias. (Gosh, we wish Garner were Swedish so we could gush about how much we love her, from Sydney Bristow to taking her 12-year-old kayaking in Stockholm…)

Garner’s rescue got us thinking… If we were in the same boat, er kayak, which Swede would we want to rescue us?

Photo courtesy of Peter Menning

Petter Menning

We caught up with Menning before the Rio Olympics, and we figure the 2013 and 2014 Swedish Kayaker of the Year would have the stamina – and good looks – to get us home.

Alicia Vikander

Our favorite Academy Award winner toned up for her role as Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider.” She’d help us find a way out of our mess.

Christoffer Collin (aka @wisslaren)

Maybe we’re inspired by the sunset picture Garner posted, but we’d love for Collin, who boasts 1.3 million Instagram followers, to chronicle our dilemma. And maybe he occasionally could help us paddle.

Fanny Ahlfors

Photo: Oskar Bakke

We’d feel confident that Ahlfors, who we’re pretty sure could bench press us if she tried, could save us in a heartbeat.

Sarah Sjöström and Therese Alshammar

Being stuck on the water, chances are, we’re going to need to swim. We’d feel much better if the first Swedish woman to win Olympic gold in swimming came to our aid or we were swimming alongside a six-time Olympian.

Simone Giertz

Giertz, known as the “Queen of Shitty Robots,” would help us out of our pickle with one of her awesome inventions. Or she’d at least bring some levity to our situation.

Joel Kinnaman

As the story goes, Kinnaman passed all the physical tests to join the Swedish army (he decided not to join). We bet the actor could give us a hand.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia

Wouldn’t that be a story? And maybe just maybe Prince Carl Philip would post about it on his newly public Instagram page.

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