In The News: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’s’ Sverrir Gudnason, The Next Big Swedish Star

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In the News

In The News: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’s’ Sverrir Gudnason, The Next Big Swedish Star

The long wait for “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” the latest in Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series, is almost over.

And when the movie hits screens Nov. 9, the world will get a formal introduction to Sverrir Gudnason, a star in Sweden for years who is appears poised for worldwide stardom. Vogue chatted with the Swede, who stars alongside Claire Foy, about how his life may change as he stars in his first American blockbuster.

Also in the news…

Mystery submarine spotted in Sweden

We told you about the 8-year-old girl who pulled an ancient sword from a Swedish lake. Now, Popular Mechanics has the story about a mysterious submarine that was spotted in Swedish waters and got us thinking about the “Red October.” The sighting apparently occurred during the summer and is just now making waves. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter has video of the sub, but so far, there’s no explanation whose sub it was.

Swedish Club serves up pancakes in Seattle

The Swedish Club in Seattle promotes a better understanding between the United States and Scandinavian countries. One way it does so is through its pancake breakfast, which is held the first Sunday of every month (with a couple exceptions). The Seattle Times reviewed it, calling it one of the city’s best bets for brunch in large part because of its accessibility and affordability. Oh, and its deliciousness!

Swede Sarah Sjostrom, one of the best swimmers in the world

Even though we’re heading toward winter, but we couldn’t help but notice that the official Olympics website featured one of our favorite Summer Olympians, Sarah Sjöström. Among the highlights in the Q&A: her preference for individual sports, competing against herself and her passion for interior design.

A better way to shop at IKEA?

You know we love IKEA. And we love that NBC News featured a story with suggestions on how to make our shopping experience at IKEA even better.

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