In the News: Five Things

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In the News

In the News: Five Things

Each week our editors share a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

Collaborating Sounds Across the Atlantic

Combine American fiddle, banjo picking and the music and dance tunes of Sweden and get the music duo Premo & Gustavsson. Their debut, “I Walked Abroad,” came out in October.

Skiing the Arctic Circle

Earlier this week, Red Bull TV, released a ski film featuring an all-girl cast. It highlights their top performances, friendships, struggles and behind-the-scenes moments shared together at the Sweden’s Abisko Mountain Lodge.

Let’s Taco-bout it

Norway and Sweden account for 40 percent of Europe’s taco consumption, thanks in part to  taco-themed family dinners during Fredagsmys. The website Munchies featured a Q&A with the owner of El Taco Truck, “the guy who brought legit Mexican food to Sweden.”

Swedes Compete to Build Climate-Smart Neighborhoods   

The Guardian highlighted Kjellander+ Sjöberg developed the winning proposal of “It Takes a Block” – a Nordic Built City program  in the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business Policies 2014-2017.

Dollars Go Digital

Sweden’s shift to digital currency continues. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Central Bank of Sweden is considering issuing a national digital currency to solve the problem of a dramatic drop in the domestic use of cash. The so-called e-krona may be introduced within two years.

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