In The News: Crazy Runs In The Family, Alexander Skarsgård’s Still A Bad Guy On ‘Big Little Lies’

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In the News

In The News: Crazy Runs In The Family, Alexander Skarsgård’s Still A Bad Guy On ‘Big Little Lies’

Season 2 of “Big Little Lies” is two episodes deep, and Alexander Skarsgård’s Perry is still continuing to haunt Monterey Bay. With Meryl Streep joining the cast to play his mother, the season already has added flashback sequences, which start to explore Perry’s story even more.

Skarsgård tells The Hollywood Reporter, “You understand his relationship with his mother and what he went through as a kid. And it explains a bit more about how he ended up in this really dark place and with those violent characteristics.”

Without spoiling anything, Streep is starting to pull at threads, and we don’t trust her one bit. That said, we also think she’s going to get all the awards for the role.

Also in the news…

BTS collaborates with Zara Larsson

There is almost too much pop in this headline for us to go on. But we must. Two members of the mega K-pop band, BTS, hopped into a studio with Larsson to record, “A Brand New Day.” EOnline has the details – and the track for your listening pleasure.

Gearing up for a vote of Olympic proportions

Stockholm is one of two contenders to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. The IOC will vote between Stockholm and Milan on June 24 to host the Olympics, and just recently, some of Sweden’s top CEOs published a letter in support of the bid. The Associated Press has more.

Sweden lost the battle, but it hasn’t lost the war

A bit dramatic? Maybe, but we’re really into the FIFA Women’s World Cup over here. Yesterday, Sweden lost to the United States 2-0, which didn’t really matter because both teams were set to advance to knockouts – but it would have positioned the Swedes nicely. In case you missed it, catch up on the match with NPR.

Shake your Bon Bon, boys

We’re big fans of the Swedes behind Bon Bon, so we were really excited to read a Q&A with the owners in the Observer. And we couldn’t help laughing when we read the part about spitting out licorice (we may, or may not have done that in their store during our last interview with them).

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