14 Must-Haves from the Fall IKEA Catalog

IKEA catalog
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14 Must-Haves from the Fall IKEA Catalog

IKEA rocking chair
GRÖNADAL rocking chair

For Americans, autumn marks the arrival of Vogue’s September issue and Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes. For Swedes and Scandinavian design fans, fall signifies the delivery of the IKEA catalog and a serious shopping spree.

Paging through the IKEA catalog with its photographs of airy rooms decorated in a minimalist aesthetic, you can’t help but eye the latest homewares and designs, dog-earring pages as you daydream about your next jaunt to the big-box retailer.

Taking cue from their midcentury-modern Scandinavian forefathers, IKEA’s designers have been recognized worldwide for the way they blend form, function, and affordability.  The company offers a mix of clean, contemporary furniture, along with textiles and pottery that are a nod to Scandinavian folk art.

We pulled together a list of our favorite new items in the 2017 catalog. Happy shopping!

  1. KALVIA cabinet doors — starting at $79— IKEA’s new KALVIA graphic acrylic cabinet fronts dress up the SEKTION storage system and come in six different sizes. Each front has a unique pattern, making these cabinets a bold statement piece.
  2. GRÖNADAL rocking chair — $249 — Move over, Grandma. With its rattan backing and seat, this rocker is a contemporary twist on the ’70s-era peacock chair and is a fabulous way to add texture to a living area.
  3. SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen with sink and faucet — $139 — This free-standing mini washstand and counter setup is perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t cook much. Or, tuck the counter in a mudroom, laundry room or even use it as an outdoor bar on the patio.
  4. SALLSKAP lamp shade — $12.99 each — These feminine flower petal shades look lovely hanging from the ceiling as pendant fixtures or topping a table lamp for cozy ambient lighting.
  5. ROSENRIPS fabric — $4.99/yard — This machine-washable, 100-percent cotton fabric is a nod to Scandinavian folk art with its nature imagery, simple silhouettes and cheery colors. Great for upholstering accent pillows or dramatic drapery.
  6. KNOTTEN standing desk — $149 — Brilliant creatives like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson recognized the benefits of the standing desk long ago (think increased calorie burning). IKEA’s compact Birch plywood standing desk is the perfect perch to get work done with its laptop surface, storage cubbies and drawers.
  7. STOCKHOLM bowl — $19.99 — IKEA mixes aesthetics and function with this sculptural metallic bowl, which can stand alone as a piece of art or display fresh fruit bowl.
  8. VALLENTUNA sleeper sectional, 1-seat — $635 — Toss the inflatable mattress. Tiny homeowners can welcome overnight guests with a comfortable stay with IKEA’s new compact corner chair that unfolds into a single sleeper.

    IKEA chair
    VÄSTERÖN indoor/outdoor stool
  9. VÄSTERÖN indoor/outdoor stool — $9.99 — Stackable and easy to tuck away, these cheery orange steel stools act as affordable additional seating for the patio.
  10. MOLGER bench — $39.99 — Sweden’s neighbors, the Finns, are known for their love of the sauna. Incorporate this birch bench into your bathroom to create an at-home R&R retreat.
  11. SANNING side plate — $1.49 — With its delicate ruffled edges and dainty blue and yellow pattern, IKEA’s new SANNING serving plate is ideal for the little bites that accompany fika.
  12. RISATORP wire basket — $12.99 — A modern twist on the market basket, the RISATORP can be brought along on farmers’ market visits. It also doubles as a place to display fresh produce.
  13. GARNERA serving stand — $19.99 — Pile high sweet treats or fresh fruit on this two-tier platter. It’s perfect for entertaining during a big holiday smorgasbord or just looking pretty on the kitchen counter.
  14. GRUNDVATTNET chopping board + colander — $12.99 + $4.99 — When cooking, the handy GRUNDVATTNET chopping board and colander maximize counter space. Place the chopping board over the sink for extra food prep space; and, the colander triples as a space for drying dishes, rinsing veggies and draining pasta.

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