IDUN Minerals: A Swedish Beauty Brand Taking Natural Cosmetics By Storm

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IDUN Minerals: A Swedish Beauty Brand Taking Natural Cosmetics By Storm

Not too long ago, natural, vegan and cruelty-free makeup was well…not that great. With pigments not having enough payoff, products not wearing long enough and shade ranges being all but inclusive, natural makeup brands were not giving people what they wanted.

The beauty world has started to evolve.

One Stockholm beauty brand, IDUN Minerals, has been taking note since 2011 and is hitting every mark on many consumers’ checklists. Natural? Check. Vegan? Absolutely. Cruelty-free? Is that even a question? This is a beauty brand that not only features amazing products, but also cares.

We were able to chat with Anna Edman, the content and social media manager at IDUN Minerals, to see how the company started, what it’s up to and what it has planned for the future.

What was the thought process behind the creation of IDUN?

We created a makeup line for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Through careful examination and research, we found that the best makeup is based on highly purified minerals.  Our product development team consulted Swedish researchers, pharmacists and dermatologists, who together created the unique composition of caring ingredients that are present in all our products. The products contain only ingredients that protect and nourish, hence they are suitable to the most sensitive skin.

In an industry that’s so saturated with products and new releases, how do you make sure that IDUN Minerals stands out?

We are very confident that our composition of pure ingredients is unique. For example, our powder foundation contains only four highly purified minerals and is the only makeup product on the market recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. In order to have the highest quality in all of our products to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive, all product development takes place in consultation with IDUN Minerals’ own chemists, pharmacists and scientists. With few and only necessary ingredients that have proven efficacy, we distinguish ourselves from other beauty brands by refraining from ingredients that potentially may cause unwanted skin problems and allergies.

Also, we are launching new, innovative products three times a year to make sure the customers get new and innovative products. We also stand out from the rest since IDUN Minerals is a pharmacy-exclusive brand in Sweden, as the state-owned pharmacy (Apoteket AB) has a rigid quality control and ensures that the ingredients in the assortment are approved and maintain high quality.

We’ve noticed lots of Instagrammers and YouTubers using your products. How has social media, and the increasing use of these platforms in the beauty world, helped IDUN Minerals get in front of new customers?

It has helped us gain recognition where we don’t have brick and mortar stores. For example, American Youtubers and Instagrammers have discovered us through social media, which is very positive! We have a global web shop and a warehouse in New York supplying our U.S. customers. Also, through social media you get an adequate and honest reflection of brands and products, people are very apt to recommend only the best to their followers. Since our products have high quality, suit all skin types and are long-lasting, people are recommending them to their followers and friends. A “first impression” or “full review” video normally doesn’t lie.

Named after the Norse goddess of eternal beauty, Idun, how else does the company’s Scandinavian roots tie into its products?

We were founded in Sweden, our headquarters is in Stockholm, all product development is in Sweden and part of the production takes place here. We use effective ingredients you can find in the Scandinavian nature, such as cloudberry oil, lingonberry oil and canola oil. Also, most people trust Swedish quality and safety, and Scandinavian brands have a good reputation in a world full of suspicious chemicals. Swedish beauty is known worldwide!

Diversity seems to be very important to IDUN Minerals, as you’ve not only expanded your color range to cover an array of skin tones, but also to all genders. Why was this so important?

From the start we have been a brand that wants to include everyone, which is the reason why we wanted to create makeup for people with sensitive skin, people that weren’t able to wear other kind of makeup products. No matter gender or skin tone, we didn’t want to discriminate. People shop in pharmacies all the time, but there hasn’t been a lot of makeup choices that suit everyone, until now. From around the world, people write and call us and tell us how happy they are. Our unisex approach is to help everyone with sensitive skin, no matter if it is men or women.

You launched a vegan skincare line this year. What’s next for IDUN Minerals? Any new products on the horizon?

We are expanding IDUN Minerals into hair care, which of course is also vegan, unisex and suitable to sensitive scalps. Besides that, we are launching more effective and research-based skin care products and a hybrid between our skin care and makeup line. Our new products are a result of feedback and needs from our customers all around the world. The world of makeup and skin care is blurring, they merge. The industry has been aware of this for some time now. Now the consumer sees it.

To learn more about IDUN Minerals, shop its website or check it out on Instagram and Facebook.

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