In The News: Spectacular ICEHOTEL Opens in Sweden

In the News

In The News: Spectacular ICEHOTEL Opens in Sweden

Each year, artists from around the world converge upon the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, to create the ICEHOTEL. The hotel is built from about 30,000 cubic meters of snow and ice, and since its first year in 1989, has been visited by more than 1 million people.

This year, the facility opened on Dec. 14 and will remain so until March 7, 2020. The icy spectacle features everything from a series of bars, a theater, an observation deck and hand sculpted chandeliers, which contain 1,000 ice crystals each. For those interested in staying, there are three-night packages available, but for a pretty penny: $1,413 to be exact. has all of the details, and photos that you’re going to want to see.

Also in the news… 

Even unemployment is better in Sweden

There’s never a good time to lose a job, but apparently in Sweden, the prospects often look brighter for those who have been laid off. A recent story explains that Sweden has the best re-employment rates in the world with close to 90% of laid-off workers finding a new position within a year.

Greta is happy to be home

Greta Thunberg has had a busy four months. The 16-year-old who repeatedly has been the subject of controversy surrounding her climate activism and was named TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year,” made it back home to Stockholm. As reported by Mashable, Thunberg was looking particularly happy to be home in a photo with her two dogs, Moses and Roxy.

Björn Ulvaeus is working to fight misinformation

Björn Ulvaeus, who is best known for his work with ABBA, is working to combat the spread of misinformation. According to Reuters, the Swede has committed to donate nearly 115,000 copies of the book “Alternative Facts: On Knowledge and Its Enemies” to high schoolers in Sweden.

PewDiePie needs a break

Say it ain’t so, PewDiePie. The Swedish-born and controversial YouTube star has had enough of the spotlight, at least for now. In a recent video posted to his YouTube account, the Swede said he is “feeling very tired” and needs to take a break. CNN has the details.

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