How To Eat Semla For Fettisdagen

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How To Eat Semla For Fettisdagen

Susanne Walström /

Swedish cuisine has ALL the best sweets for holidays and all the days: Kanelbullens (Cinnamon Buns), Princess Cakes, Waffles and so many more.

A week before Fat Tuesday (or Fettisdagen), all we can think about is indulging in semlor.

As we gear up for a day of stuffing our faces with these light-and-airy, sweet treats filled with almond-ey goodness, we reminisced on our first semla experience, when we weren’t quite certain how to eat the oddly shaped pastry.

After a very important discussion and some research, here are a few methods we put together. 

The Dunk

There’s nothing more satisfying than picking up the doughy topper of a semla from a dome of whipped cream, only to dunk back in.

The Sandwich

A classic way to simply go for it. Two tips here:

  1. Don’t hold back.
  2. Be prepared with LOTS of napkins.

The Classy Swede

We all have that friend – the one who eats pizza by the slice with a fork and knife in hand. For those who want to avoid making a mess, this is an acceptable method. 

The Northern Swede

According to this lifestyle blogger, a traditional way of serving semlor in northern Sweden is in a bowl of warm milk.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to eat a semla. Take it from these students from Umeå University in the video below.


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