Hot Tubs Fueled by Fire

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Hot Tubs Fueled by Fire

Your neighbor may have one, or maybe you’ve experienced one during a stay at a hotel. The classic hot tub comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including one heated by fire.

A wood-fired hot tub may sound odd, but it has many benefits and safety precautions that assure the same relaxing experience as the standard electric hot tub.

Wood-fired hot tubs vary in appearances, but their general makeup boils down to a basic design. They feature a sitting area that’s filled with water and a small nonflammable container that can look like a coiled basket or a small fireplace to hold the firewood. Eventually, flames are pushed into the water to warm it. Back in 2010, The New York Times featured an article about this more rustic hot tub option – which apparently worked into a niche during the recession when traditional hot tubs weren’t as attainable.

Wood-fired hot tubs are unique in that they can be placed anywhere because they do not require plugs or tubes like a traditional hot tub. They only need firewood and water to operate, which means that maintaining and enjoying your tub over time is less expensive. Because of their portability and makeup, these tubs can boast styles from wooden and rustic to modern.

These hot tubs are an eco-friendly and low-cost alternative to the standard electric hot tub. One brand, Skargards Swedish Hot Tubs, makes its tubs in Sweden. Several other popular brands of this tub include the Dutchtub created by Weltevree of The Netherlands and Snorkel Hot Tubs, which is based in Seattle.

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