Helpful Hints For Applying To Swedish Reality Show Allt För Sverige


Helpful Hints For Applying To Swedish Reality Show Allt För Sverige

The Swedish show Allt för Sverige (also known by its American title Great Swedish Adventure) is casting for its ninth season.

The reality show is looking for Americans who have Swedish ancestry and an interest in learning about their roots – but have never been to Sweden. The deadline to apply is Jan. 20, and the show suggests sending a video (from 30 seconds to two minutes) to help the casting director and producers get to know the applicants.

We reached out to Sofia Eng, casting director for Allt för Sverige, for some helpful hints when applying to be on the show. Here’s what she had to say…

  • “First of all, send in the video and be yourself. Don’t read from a paper. Talk from your heart like you’re talking to a friend. We want to see a person.”
  • “When we interview, be as open as possible. Open up as much as possible to let us in…On the show, this is their story. I want to hear how people tell their story.”
  • “Send pictures. You don’t have to write so much in the application.”

Eng also said applicants shouldn’t get discouraged.

“A lot of people don’t make it the first time,” Eng said, adding that a lot of contestants have made the show after applying in previous years.

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This article was updated to reflect the current casting season.

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