Here’s your chance to call Sweden


Here’s your chance to call Sweden

If you ever questioned Sweden’s coolness factor, let the country’s latest tourism campaign put that to rest.

The Swedish Tourist Association just launched a phone number where people across the world can call to talk to a random Swede.

In other words, dial +46 771 SWEDEN right now. (Or, +46 771 793 336)

We called Bom, a guy living in Skara, Sweden.

He’s a fan of fishing, walking in nature and shopping in Sweden. He encouraged us to “Come here and visit!”

Bom saw a TV ad looking for volunteers for the tourism campaign and downloaded an app to participate. That’s right: You will be calling a random, unpaid Swede.

Bom had only been taking calls for about three hours by the time we talked and had spoken to someone in Germany and our team in the U.S.

We recommend using Google Voice if you plan to call a random Swede. The service is only $.01 a minute, compared to hefty international fees your carrier might charge.

Happy calling!

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