The Stockholm Sock Brand That’s Taken the World by Storm

Photo: David LaChapelle for Happy Socks

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The Stockholm Sock Brand That’s Taken the World by Storm

Photo: Happy Socks

A lot of dads out there have one thing in common: a boring sock drawer.

In 2008, longtime friends Victor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh decided to do something about it.

They were tired of their jobs and wanted to do something happier with their lives. What was one passion the duo shared? A love for socks.

Putting on a colorful, creative pair of socks gets the day off on the right foot (pun intended). Tell and Söderlindh realized that finding fun socks at an affordable price point was almost impossible, so Happy Socks was born.

Eight years later, a once untapped market for colorful socks is now a staple accessory item in big brand collections… but Happy Socks is doing just fine.

The socks and newer underwear line are sold in over 90 countries with flagship stores in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. Huge names like Snoop Dog, Adidas, Minecraft, PewDiePie and Barneys are just a few of the brand’s collaborators.

For socks, prices run around $12 with limited-edition collaborations and dress socks a bit more. For a unique, well-made product, underwear also is reasonable at $17 a pair for women and $22 a pair for men.

With the holidays coming up, here are five of our favorites (click on sock name to be directed to the order page):

Iris Apfel Lamb Sock

happy socks iris
Photo: Happy Socks

Origami Sock

happy socks origami
Photo: Happy Socks

Holiday Present Socks

happy socks presents
Photo: Happy Socks

Balloons Socks

balloons happy socks
Photo: Happy Socks

Big Dot Socks

big-dot Happy Socks
Photo: Happy Socks


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