Any Excuse To Eat Cake: Happy Birthday Bill Skarsgård!

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Any Excuse To Eat Cake: Happy Birthday Bill Skarsgård!

Our favorite creepy clown is celebrating another trip around the sun. Swedish actor and one of seven children in the famous Skarsgård clan, Bill is celebrating his 29th birthday. To help him ring in the last year of his 20s, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the reasons why we love him so, so much.

He makes high fashion look so darn good.

He’s got this whole furrowed-brow thing that we’re 100% behind.

He’s got a universal appeal, even if his characters are villainous psychopaths.

We only wish we could have been with this Buzzfeed reporter during Comic Con last year to say, “Girl, we feel you.”

He’s so quirky.


He goes ALL IN when he’s committed to playing a character.

Now excuse us, we’re going to find a sewer drain and see if we can wish our man happy birthday.


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