It’s not easy being green? We beg to differ

Credit: Jineshpanchal


It’s not easy being green? We beg to differ

Sustainability efforts in Sweden.
Credit: Samantha Marx

If you’re even remotely attuned to the environment and sustainable efforts, then you’re probably aware that Sweden is an eco-friendly country.  The country’s sustainability initiatives are so well known, a round of headlines at the end of 2016 touted that Sweden ran out of things to recycle so it started importing recyclables from other countries to keep its program running.

We’ve pulled together a handful of examples that exemplify Sweden’s commitment to going – and staying – green.

  1. Looking at the individuals in Sweden, many of them reside in locations heated and cooled with district heating or in passive housing locations that utilize body heat and radiant heat from the sun and household appliances. These are just a couple of examples Sweden notes its sustainability efforts on the country’s official website.
  1. International brands like Fjällräven, Ikea and Volvo have been ranked by the Sustainable Brand Index for their eco-friendly practices (the 2017 list gets announced April 7, so stay tuned for updates).
  1. Reuters reported that Stockholm’s mayor, Karin Wanngård, is setting the example for her constituents by riding an electric bike to work, wearing second-hand clothes and eating less meat. Wanngård isn’t just talking about what’s good for the environment, she’s acting on it.
  1. Jonathan Ramious, a Swedish engineer, was so dedicated to sustainability year-round, he invented a way to successfully compost – even during the frigid winters of Sweden. He invented the Jora Composter, which withstands the sub-zero temps near the Arctic Circle.
  1. A new tax break was enacted on January 1 that gives Swedes a 50 percent tax-break on repairing everyday goods from clothes and bikes to dishwashers and refrigerators. Public Radio International interviewed Sweden’s Minister of Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs Per Bolund, who led the legislation.

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