Gifs To Get You Ready For Waffle Day

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Gifs To Get You Ready For Waffle Day

Set a calendar reminder, heat up your irons and find your favorite pair of elastic-waist pants because Monday, March 25 is Våffeldagen, better known as “Waffle Day.” For a little Waffle Day history, check out our Våffeldagen expose with American Swedish Institute President and CEO (and Swedish waffle connoisseur) Bruce Karstadt.

Anyone with a strong social media game knows that food-related holidays mean it’s time to bring out the gifs – all the gifs. With that in mind, here are our favorite waffle-related gifs.

Um, there is?


Waffle Day, I got this!


Waffles are our jam (but where are the lingonberries?!).


Waffles on my mind. All the time.


Yes, yes, yes, waffles!


My kitchen on Waffle Day.


When Waffle Day is over.

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