Getting Stuffed on Stockholm Vegan, Vegetarian Cuisine

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Getting Stuffed on Stockholm Vegan, Vegetarian Cuisine

Sweden is not all about Swedish meatballs and cream sauce.

There are some incredible vegetarian restaurants scattered around the country, with the heart of the Swedish vegetarian scene being in Stockholm. From its street food and hole-in-the-wall eateries, to celebrity chefs’ restaurants and fine dining, these amazing restaurants in Stockholm will indulge your taste buds.

Photo via Hermitage
Photo via Hermitage


Hermitage is a self-serve cafe with a buffet specializing in vegan and vegetarian dishes. With a homely feeling and warm, friendly staff, this veggie restaurant serves a variety of international dishes. Make sure you come hungry because hot and cold dishes at this buffet are extremely affordable and delicious. Located in the Gamla Stan of Stockholm, Hermitage is perfectly situated for easy access. A few must-try dishes are the lasagna, veggie meatballs and crispy roast potatoes. The only thing missing from this cafe’s menu is dessert.

Address: Stora Nygatan 11, 111 27 Stockholm

Matboden Sodermalm

From the outside, Matboden Sodermalm is very inviting. Near a bunch of popular hotels, this restaurant is a true treat amongst the meat-filled restaurants that surround it. The food is absolutely delicious serving a mix of Swedish and European favorites and tasty grilled delights. Starting off with complimentary arancini and two little brown loaves of bread that are a great mix of linseed and other seeds – you’ll quickly get a taste of the quality and standard of the food. Excellent dishes to try are the bouillabaisse and tagliatelle that both come in veggie and served with local beer.

Address: Folkungagatan 78, 116 22 Stockholm


Located in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm, this vibrant vegetarian and vegan restaurant provides meals from its Pan-Asian-inspired menus. As one of the only places you can find great Indian food in Stockholm, Chutney doesn’t disappoint with good value for money, friendly staff and stunning decor. It is no wonder Chutney is a favorite among the Swedish vegetarian and community and always quite busy. The restaurant also serves gluten free options, as well as freshly baked breads and desserts. A few must-try dishes are the Malaysian curry, Swedish dark bread, knaekbrot and carrot and cabbage salad.

Address: Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm

Photo via Yari Simone Prete, Flickr
Photo via Yari Simone Prete, Flickr

Lao Wai

If you’re craving some belly-warming Chinese vegan dishes, then head to Lao Wai. This quaint restaurant is modern and intimate and with the combination of delicious cuisine and pleasing atmosphere; you’ll definitely find yourself coming back to Lao Wai time and again. Lao Wai offers both lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu is made up of one option that changes daily and is served with a complimentary lemon water with cucumber and ginger. The dinner menu offers a variety of dishes that feature interesting meat alternatives. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll love the food here.

Address: Luntmakargatan 74, 113 51 Stockholm

Seyhmus Vegetariska Restaurant

With plenty of vegetarian meals at reasonable prices, vegetarians are in for a scrumptious experience because Seyhmus Vegetariska Restaurant has some of the most delicious food in Stockholm. Seyhmus offers both a set menu and a buffet. There are hot and cold dishes served like tomato pie, lentil and pea soup, and for dessert you can have some baklava. Check with your waiter because not all their options are organic or gluten free, but they sure are tasty. If you are visiting from another country, please make sure you take a Swedish person along with you as the staff and owners do not speak English.

Address: Varvsgatan 29, Stockholm


Photo via Falafelbaren/Stellan Stephenson
Photo via Falafelbaren/Stellan Stephenson

Falafelbaren is one of the more hipster vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm. Always busy, you’ll be lucky to find a seat when visiting. If you do, you’re in for a treat. Each falafel is made to order, which ensures you’ll be getting the freshest meal. This restaurant also serves other vegan favorites, including a delicious lemonade and sweet potato fries. Many vegetarians have stated that the falafels from Falafelbaren are some of the best they’ve ever had.

Address: Hornsgatan 39B, 118 49 Stockholm

Gro Restaurant

For beautiful food that is simple and elegant, head to Gro Restaurant. With an ever-changing seasonal menu, you can expect to find a variety of delicious meals to suit any taste. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you can expect to find something delicious on the menu. The meals served at Gro are more fine-dining than a side-of-the-road family run restaurant, so you can expect the best wines and exceptional service.

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 67, Stockholm

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