Get the minimalist look in your home

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Get the minimalist look in your home

If you haven’t embraced the minimalist lifestyle, it’s never too late to get started.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with dozens of Houzz posts or Pinterest pins, but understanding what makes a space minimalistic could help you shift your mindset and put you in the right headspace to incorporate some changes in your home.

Previously, we spoke to Roberto Ventura, assistant professor in the interior design department at VCUarts, the school of arts at Virginia Commonwealth University that is one of the top programs in the nation, about minimalism. To help in the process, he suggests figuring out what’s needed and essential and determining what’s valuable and meaningful to you.

Minimalist bookshelf acting as room divider

“Right now, I’m moving into a new home and my wife and I are figuring out how we can maximize the bang for our buck in terms of furniture, furniture placement and how we occupy the furniture,” he said. “If you value books, you’ve given them a premium in your space. A book storage solution could be more than a bookshelf. Maybe it becomes a room divider, or a low bench that is also a place for your kids to nap on.”

Start with the rooms you spend the most time in, and identify things that could be streamlined. If you’re on a budget, start your shopping journey at Sweden export and minimalist aficionado IKEA  (function, quality, design and sustainability are part of the company’s design concept and vision). If you’re looking for a better quality, while still reasonably priced, Ventura praised Stool 60, a three-legged stool designed by Alvar Aalto and sold by Artek, as an example of a smartly designed piece of furniture that is a standard in many Scandinavian homes.

Once you plan your core furniture pieces, turn your attention to the walls. Colors used in Scandinavian design can be a little drab, but by incorporating splashes of color or metallic elements, you can help make a space feel less monochromatic. An easy way to shake your space up with color is to refresh your walls with a fresh coat of paint (many of the palettes Pantone predicted to trend in 2017 play off some of those muted tones of Scandinavian interiors).

And while additional detail and décor isn’t always part of a minimalist design approach, adding the right pieces helps create warmth and add personality to a space. Try hanging stylishly framed art or well-positioned mirrors around your space. You can also make a space more inviting by adding cozy throws and pillows, incorporating rustic wood finishes and adding plants and other greenery throughout the environment.

Still stuck? You can also turn to Buzzfeed and blogs like My Scandinavian Home for more minimalism home inspiration.

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