The Gävle Goat Still Stands (And Is Hilarious On Twitter)

Gävle Goat


The Gävle Goat Still Stands (And Is Hilarious On Twitter)

We are a few days into the Dec. 1 installation of the 42-foot high, straw goat that towers over Gävle’s Castle Square to usher in the Christmas season.

And folks, the Gävle Goat is still standing.

Over the years, vandals have managed to demolish, steal, burn and crash vehicles into the goat. And as much as the goat acts as a holiday tradition in Gävle, destroying it has become a tradition in itself.

2016 was the last year the goat’s life was abruptly cut short due to arson; that same year happened to be the goat’s big 50-year anniversary. Some may say things got a little too lit (see below).

In 2019, though, it’s looking tall and strong… and savage on Twitter? Folks looking to keep tabs on the Gävle giant can tune in to the live stream, but we recommend following along via Twitter. Though he’s made of straw, his tweets are fire.

Here are some of our favorites.

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