The Gävle Goat Goes Up in Flames

Gävle Goat
Photo: Erik Jaderberg/AFP/Getty Images


The Gävle Goat Goes Up in Flames

Well, that was quick.

Last week, we brought you the story of Sweden’s Gävle Goat. The 42-foot-high straw goat is a beloved Christmas tradition in the town of Gävle, drawing thousands of visitors annually. The Gävle Goat also has a fiery history – it’s often burned down by arsonists.

This year’s goat lasted less than 24 hours.

2016 marked the goat’s 50th anniversary, and town officials attempted extra measures to keep the goat secure, including a guard and video surveillance. Mashable reports that when a guard took a bathroom break, the Gävle Goat went up in flames.

Perhaps Twitter user @aleq_andro sums it up best:

Here’s to a flame-free 2017.

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