FridaBaby: The Solution For ‘Boogers, Butts And Beyond’

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FridaBaby: The Solution For ‘Boogers, Butts And Beyond’

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Photo: FridaBaby

We love that FridaBaby is tackling the real, and often gross, side of parenting.

FridaBaby was built on one product – the NoseFrida, aka a snot sucker that was invented by a Swedish pediatric physician.

Back in 2007, the Miami-based company with Swedish roots was run by Kaisa Levine, who imported the flagship product from Sweden and distributed it in the States. After seven years and some success with the company, Levine reached out to her new neighbor, Chelsea Hirschhorn – a lawyer for the Miami Marlins – to see if she’d be interested in being part of expanding the company.

In an interview with Mama Glow, Hirschhorn recalled when she took over the company’s daily operations: “The founder of FridaBaby is a neighbor of ours in Miami Beach and after my son was born she asked if I’d be interested in taking over the day-to-day operations of the company to help grow the portfolio of products beyond the NoseFrida, into a full toolkit of smart solutions for millennial parents. Quite the challenge, but the rest is history!”

And as it turns out, Hirschhorn was a snot-sucking CEO in the making. According to Fast Company, once Hirschhorn took the reins at the company, in just 18 months, she expanded FridaBaby’s footprint by 1,300 percent, getting its products into over 28,000 stores (like Target, Babies “R” Us and Walgreens).

After a few years in the marketplace, the company has built its offerings to 15 wellness and grooming products that help mama and baby get through those early days when bebis can’t tell you what’s wrong. FridaBaby’s products help parents tackle everything from snotty noses to gassy bums – even some of their own – and everything in between. Or as its website says, “From Delivery to Boogers, Butts and Beyond.”

The company has received accolades from some of the most trusted parent resources like The Bump and BabyList to name a few.

To learn more about the company, check it out on Facebook and Instagram. FridaBaby’s YouTube channel also is a great place to go for a little bit of parenting entertainment, because – remember – sometimes being a parent sucks. Literally.

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