‘Foggy Days’: A Swedish Short Film About Today’s Foggy Relationship Forecast

Martin Sandin; writer/director "Foggy Days" / Photo: Jenn Halweil

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‘Foggy Days’: A Swedish Short Film About Today’s Foggy Relationship Forecast

NEW YORK – It’s challenging to convey a meaningful message when you only have about twenty minutes to do so.

Swedish film director Martin Sandin welcomed the challenge. In fact, he felt like he had a story that needed to be shared. It needed to be shared immediately, regardless of budgeting challenges and tight time constraints.

Husband and wife team Martin Sandin and Sara-Lotta Grahn are the brains behind “Foggy Days,” an 18-minute short film which premiered in the U.S. at the 2018 Nordic International Film Festival.

With Grahn as the producer and Sandin in the director role, it was an interesting juxtaposition having a husband and wife, so in love, presenting a short film about the challenges of love and relationships in today’s world. It works though; the film picked up an honorable mention for its cinematography.

We stopped the pair on the red carpet to chat about the film and their journey.

From the Nordic International Film Festival website:

Stockholm 2018. In a time where social media gives us performance anxiety and confirmation is becoming increasingly important, Clara meets Peter. Clara wants the world. Peter wants nothing but to be loved.

The usually confident Peter quickly becomes inferior to the charismatic Clara, leaving him with only one last option: to confront her with his true feelings. Together they are drawn into a world where love is a currency to feed their own ego. Their relationship is a battle without a winner.

Foggy Days is a modern love story that questions how we live today and what happens when we only focus on ourselves and ignore everybody else

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