The Floating Hotel That’s Coming to Swedish Lapland  

Photo via Arctic Hotel Facebook Page


The Floating Hotel That’s Coming to Swedish Lapland  

Swedish Lapland boasts the Treehotel and the ICEHOTEL, but in 2018, it’s getting a floating hotel.

You read that right. In 2018, the Northern Arctic part of Sweden is welcoming Arctic Bath – a lodging that floats around the Lule River during the “warmer” months and freezes in place during the winter season.

The project, designed by Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, looks like something you’d see in “The Hunger Games.” Log sculptures cascade around the circular float, meant to resemble a dam to remind people of the importance of protecting Sweden’s forests and wildlife. There are six rooms available for booking along the perimeter, designed in true Scandinavian fashion with clean lines, little color and minimalism.

The name of the hotel, Arctic Bath, refers to the communal bath at the center of the float. If interested (and brave), patrons can take an icy dip into the 34-degree Lule River. Those not into the polar plunge can enjoy the hotel’s sauna, spa, restaurant and views. Swedish Lapland offers some of the best conditions to view the Northern Lights, and each room has a skylight for that reason.

Arctic Bath is slated to open in early 2018 with bookings opening six months before. If interested, email

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