Flights to Sweden Are Insanely Cheap Right Now

Flights to Sweden


Flights to Sweden Are Insanely Cheap Right Now

Still haven’t planned your summer vacation? Or looking for a fall getaway? Might we suggest a quick – and affordable – trip to Sweden this August or September? Because flights to Sweden are dirt cheap.

We plugged in a few dates and departure cities into Google Flights, Google’s travel-focused search engine that helps you compare and track airfares, and found some amazing deals. (When using Google Flights, make sure to select “Track Prices” for alerts on when fares will go up.)

Here are some of the best deals we found from a few major cities:

  • Ready to pack your bags next week? A flight from Washington, D.C., to Gothenburg in August will run you a cool $504.
  • Tired of the Big Apple? New York City to Stockholm is only $498 in September.
  • Need to give your boss more of a heads up? A flight from Boston to Gothenburg could be as low as $495 in September.
  • Want to take a break from the West Coast? A Los Angeles to Stockholm flight is $528 in September. Or you can wait until October to take advantage of a fare as low as $410 from Norwegian.

A word of warning: Airfare prices can change quickly. If you want an amazing trip this summer, book your flights to Sweden fast, and then drop us a line on Facebook to share your experience.

Happy searching!

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