5 of our Favorite Mindboggling Videos from Swedish YouTubers Ellimacs

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5 of our Favorite Mindboggling Videos from Swedish YouTubers Ellimacs

Warning: The following transformations are creepy, but creepy awesome. We recommend watching in the daylight.

Ellinor Rosander is a self-taught Swedish special effects makeup artist, and with producer Macs Moser, the two make up the YouTube channel Ellimacs SFX makeup.

Rosander happens to be a blonde bombshell, but by the end of the majority of their videos… not so much. Each video, she completely transforms herself into a grotesque creature, and with Macs narrating behind the camera, she provides a step-by-step demonstration for those interested in the process.

The pair’s most popular video has well over nine million views and breaks down Rosander’s transformation from her normal self to the girlfriend of Jason.

If you aren’t looking to sharpen your special effects skills, you can pick up a little Swedish while you watch. Macs narrates each video in English but introduces viewers to new Swedish words throughout.

Here are five of Ellimacs’ craziest transformations.

1. Killer Snail

2. Hellraiser: Chatterer

3. Worm Face

4. Werewolf

5. Predator Halloween Mask

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