Five Things We Want for Christmas

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Five Things We Want for Christmas

We’ve been counting down the days since… well, last year, and the time is finally here! We’ve had some time to think about our Christmas list (a whole year to be exact) and wanted to share some of the things that we really want this year.

Adults and children are sure to agree that this is the ultimate Swedish wish list, we just hope that Jultomten sees it!

A whole day of fika.

Because fika is never a bad idea.

Meatballs galore!

Can you ever really eat too many meatballs? We think not.

A lifetime supply of kanelbullar.  

We’ll eat them during fika… and we don’t think we’re asking too much here.

Anything from IKEA.

We’ll even build it without complaining! Well, OK, maybe once or twice.

Winter to end early.

We can’t be the only ones who are cold!

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