Five of our favorite Swedish fashion brands and designers

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Five of our favorite Swedish fashion brands and designers

Here at Umgås, we’ve talked about our fair share of fashion.

From the budget and eco-friendly H&M, to cheeky footwear brands like Happy Socks and the Swedish staple, the clog, we love Swedish fashion. We’ve rounded up five Swedish brands and designers you should know about: From ready-to-wear to the more eccentric statement pieces, this list has it all.

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday’s original claim to fame was its tight-fitted denim, but over the past 13 years, the brand has evolved into other designs, including outerwear, shirts, blouses and accessories. A little bit androgynous and a little bit edgy, Cheap Monday is versatile enough for everyone. We’re a fan of its relaxed looks, like this awesome dress for the ladies and this peace sign button up for the fellas. If you go through Cheap Monday’s website, it only ships to 18 countries – however, thanks to a mega partnership with H&M back in 2008, the brand is now sold by 2,000 retailers in 35 markets and has three brick and mortar locations.

L’homme Rouge

L’homme Rouge, the red man, is a menswear line that’s part design, part art, but all wearable fashion. In true Swedish minimalist fashion, its designs often are subtle and subdued, with interesting lines, cuts or treatments. We think L’homme probably is one of the few design houses that could get away with pleated, drawstring pants for men. This year’s fall collection, which was reviewed by Vogue, is inspired by Sweden’s marine and harbor life.

Shop: Star top; Ida Klamborn

Ida Klamborn

When Ida’s collection come out during this year’s Stockholm Fashion Week, we fell in love. Edgy, interesting, unique – what’s not to love? Her designs cater to the feminine crowd and have an interesting use of color and shapes, like with this blue and white top or this amazing red skirt. According to her website, Ida’s designs are popular with Sweden’s celebrities, like singer Zara Larsson.

House of Dagmar

Run by a trio of sisters, House of Dagmar specializes in knitwear for the powerful, conscious woman. According to its website, its designs are sophisticated, architectural and utilitarian. Its online store is operational in seven countries – which is great for us ladies here in the States. This Scarla dress and this Lovisa dress have outdoor wedding season written all over them.

Nudie Jeans

Moving back to menswear, we love the vibe (and name, if we’re being honest) of Nudie Jeans. Its denim pieces are sourced with 100 percent organic cotton, cheers for sustainability and good green living, and while it is known for its jeans, Nudie Jeans has a ton of other products like shirts, jackets, tees and accessories. It even has designs for your little tyke – is there anything cuter than a baby denim jacket?

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