Five Swedish Beauty Bloggers You Need To Know


Five Swedish Beauty Bloggers You Need To Know

When we’re not preoccupied with tasty food videos, Instagram captivates us with pictures of beautiful beauty influencers. We have compiled Swedish beauty and fashion bloggers who will inspire you to step up your game. So, grab a snack. You could be scrolling through these pages for hours.

Lisa Olsson

Lisa Olsson has been turning heads on her blog for the past 14 years. Not only can you find tips on her blog, but she also has branched out to YouTube and Instagram, which makes her content very accessible (lucky us). Known for mixing casual pieces with couture, her style looks effortless yet high end. In case her fashion blog isn’t enough, Olsson shares how she achieves her perfectly blown-out hair and natural makeup.


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Tess Montgomery

Climate change is the name, and sustainability is the game. Tess Montgomery’s blog differs from many, due to her passion for the environment. Thanks to her efforts, she makes it very easy for her followers to adopt her eco-conscious ways. Originally from Stockholm, Tess relocated to London where she lives with her husband and child. On her Instagram page, you’ll see her minimalistic style and adorable French Bulldog. Whether you’re looking for a skincare regimen, makeup tutorials or how to achieve the perfect beach waves, Montgomery has all the tricks up her sleeve.


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Linn Ahlborg

If you love the glamourous things in life, Linn Ahlborg is a beauty blogger who will change your life. At only 20 years old, she is one of the top fashion and beauty influencers in Sweden. When scrolling through her blog, Instagram and YouTube, you’ll be stunned by her flawless makeup and trendy style. At least we were. 


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Isabella Löwengrip

Boasting 1.5 million weekly readers, if you haven’t heard of Isabella Löwengrip, you’re missing out. Starting her journey at 14, Löwengrip is one of Sweden’s top bloggers. After just a quick look at her site, Instagram and YouTube, you’ll be captivated by her timeless beauty. By utilizing her platforms, Löwengrip is now a successful entrepreneur, inspiring the inner girl-boss within us all.


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Kenza Zouiten Subosic

Born and raised in Stockholm, Kenza pulls in more than half a million readers a month. Her blog, Instagram and YouTube cover everything from being a mom, looking impeccable and cooking delicious meals. Along with her successful blog, she cofounded the clothing brand, Ivyrevel, which has been supported by H&M since 2005.


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