The Five: Must-See Bars in Stockholm

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The Five: Must-See Bars in Stockholm

Go, have fun. Be merry! Drink the night away in one of these Stockholm establishments.

From comedy to craft beer, DJs to fine wines, visit all five of these places, and you will have seen more than most, drank more than most and eaten better than most. Do it! Go try 28 craft beers, get on stage at an open mic night, dance like the girl with the dragon tattoo, get a nice meal at a pub and finish the night off with some world class wine!

If that isn’t a story for Instagram legend, then what is?

Photo via Bernt Rostad, Flickr
Photo via Bernt Rostad, Flickr


For a cozy bar with an amazing vibe, live music and delicious food, head to Akkurat. From the outside, it may not look like much, but this bar is one of the best specialist beer bars in the city. After opening in the fall of 1995, it quickly became a favorite among Swedes and visitors alike. If you’re a lover of craft beer, you can try one of the 28 beers on tap. Plus Akkurat has more than 600 beers – that have been aged and improved over time – on its vintage menu. An onsite restaurant serves some of the best pub food in town, including real Swedish classics and 20 tons of fresh mussels annually.

Address: Hornsgatan 18

The Liffey

If you’re looking to be entertained with live music or a comedy show, then head to The Liffey, located in the heart of Gamla Stan. Even though this is an Irish pub, The Liffey serves a variety of Sweden’s local beers and features local Swedish bands every night. And if you’re looking for a laugh, head downstairs to the River Club where local stand-up comedians put on a show in English every Thursday. If you’re lucky, you might even catch an international, famous comedian too.

Address: Stora Nygatan 40

Photo via Holger.Ellgaard
Photo via Holger.Ellgaard


Getting a mention in Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” turned Kvarnen into a favorite among tourists. Having been in the same location since 1908, it has a diverse clientele with older and younger generations enjoying beers side by side. After 11 p.m., the downstairs turns into a nightclub where patrons can enjoy partying until the early hours of the morning. Staying open until 3 a.m. (late by Swedish standards), this beer hall truly is appreciated by the late-night crowd.

Address: Tjärhovsgatan 4


If you’re looking for a native pub frequented by as many locals as tourists, then head to Ostgotakallaren. Usually very crowded for good reasons, you can enjoy delicious food, including a fish soup with saffron, indulge in the small selection of craft beers and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. With excellent service and a cozy environment, this bar is a place that you’ll definitely come back to on your next visit to the city.

Address: Östgötagatan 41

Photo via Holger Ellgaard
Photo via Holger Ellgaard

Café Opera

For a more elegant experience, head to Café Opera, with its ceilings painted with cherubs, sleek leather furniture and elaborate chandeliers. This legendary wine bar serves wines from all over the world, as well as the best of Sweden’s local wines. Being a place to see and been seen, this bar on occasion hosts a celebrity or two, and therefore has long lines, and a dress-to-impress policy.

Address: Karl XII:s Torg, 111 47

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