You Might Be Swedish If…

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You Might Be Swedish If…

Our readers loved our first two editions of “Five Ways You Might be Swedish” and “Are You Secretly Swedish?” so much that we’re back with another!

You might just be Swedish if…

Your favorite animal is a moose (or elk).

This is a very niche favorite animal. After all, not many people can say they love the toweringly large, somewhat mysterious fellow. We happen to think they are cute, obviously from afar.

Moose/elk are Sweden’s national animal. Sweden has the densest population of moose. And to round out these fun facts, Sweden’s most dangerous animal is the moose. Love moose? Head to Sweden.


You are humble.

Maybe it’s lagom. Maybe it’s just because they are nice people? But if you are super humble, you may have some Swedish in you. We’ve interviewed a lot of people over the life of Umgås magazine, and from Olympians and famous chefs to actresses and small business owners, there is always one thing in common. The people are so dang humble.

Not really sure what happened with Zlatan, but we are deeming him as an outlier.


You are blonde and beautiful.

OK, OK, yes, stereotyping isn’t cool. But honestly, if someone thought we’re Swedish because we’re blonde and beautiful, it would not be the worst thing in the world.


Toothpaste isn’t the only thing you know that comes in a tube.

Because creamed fish roe, right? And possibly the complete opposite flavor profile of minty-fresh toothpaste. Most Swedes have an affinity for Kalles Kaviar, a fish paste that comes in a bright-blue-colored tube and often is served over crispbread with hard-boiled egg slices. Very Swedish. Quite off-putting to Americans.

(Let us humor you with a scenario. You know when you go to drink a cup of apple juice, and it ends up being beer? Horrible realization. Picture this. It’s pitch-black. You have to brush your teeth. There is a tube of toothpaste and a tube of Kalles Kaviar sitting in front of you. You grab the Kaviar thinking it’s toothpaste. Now that’s a taste-bud surprise.


You get home on Fridays, and it’s immediately time for PJs.

The Swedes have a custom called fredagsmys, which translates to “Cozy Friday.” If that sounds like your kind of Friday, you just may have blue and yellow blood running through your veins. Fredagsmys is the Swedish way of unwinding after a long week that includes snacks, movies, and, of course, pajamas.

Swedes literally have a word for the couch potato-ing you are supposed to do on Friday.

Let’s be real: Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


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