Our Favorite Scandinavian Etsy Shops

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Our Favorite Scandinavian Etsy Shops

In the past, we’ve pulled together gift guides with some of our favorite finds on Etsy, which is fun, but because of the craftsman nature of the online marketplace, it’s hard to keep those articles up to date.

Instead of finding specific items we loved, we thought we’d pull together a list of the Etsy merchants we love. That way, you can peruse their stores and see their latest creations for yourself. Some stores are Swedish, some are Scandinavian-inspired. Either way, we think you’ll find something intriguing at every store on the list.


Need a gift idea? Start here.


These quotable pieces are perfect for the kitchen or an accent wall.


You need a tomte? Christa’s your girl.


Honestly, why bake when you have Etsy?


Again, baked goods. On Etsy.

Cindy Lindgren

Gnomes, fika, dala horses – oh my!


Save the trees!

Lotta From Stockholm

This is a cheat, but we love their clogs so much.

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