Swedish Beauty Brand Combines Natural Ingredients With Impactful Performance  

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Swedish Beauty Brand Combines Natural Ingredients With Impactful Performance  

In an age when full-coverage, heavy makeup reigns supreme on social media, it can be difficult to find beauty products that offer coverage without sacrificing skin care and anti-aging properties.

Swedish beauty brand Estelle & Thild is changing that narrative, offering an impressive range of skin care, makeup, body care and more. Originally founded by Pernilla Rönnberg, the former CEO of another skin care company, she felt it was her job to build a healthy, ethical beauty brand – sans harsh chemicals or animal cruelty.

“A typical morning routine can contain over 200 chemicals. Many chemicals are added to cosmetic formulas to create pleasing textures, scents and colors,” said Rönnberg on the company’s website. “I believe this is unnecessary and potentially harmful. Using synthetic and impure ingredients can be damaging to the skin and body. All of our formulas are free of pesticides and toxic residues, and are certified organic by Ecocert. Each Estelle & Thild range features a unique combination of active ingredients, with proven results, targeting specific skin concerns.”

The mother of two credits the birth of her daughters, Estelle and Mathilde, as her inspiration for founding the brand. Rönnberg says on the company website that she hopes to leave behind a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly beauty brand.

A standout, fan-favorite Estelle & Thild product is the BioCalm Soothing Moisture Day Cream, which is a beautiful representation of the company’s brand vision—perfect for those with sensitive skin, comprised of over 99 percent natural ingredients, and is completely animal-cruelty free.

Currently available in the United States through websites like Net-A-Porter, Estelle & Thild is redefining the beauty industry and serves as an example for other companies to follow. Learn more about the brand on its website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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