Four Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Own Swedish Breakfast

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Four Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Own Swedish Breakfast

The Swedes have mastered many things, from green living to pop music. Food is no exception.

Swedes have mastered the art of an understated, yet satisfying breakfast experience when you know the good stuff is coming soon…truly the best of both worlds.

Step up your own breakfast game by incorporating these tips to fuel your body and stay energized through the day – the Swedish way.

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#1 Sit down and relax

Breakfast has become a fast-paced, grab-and-go type of meal, but not how the Swedes do it. Breakfast is an honored meal when you take the time to sit and enjoy your food. Change up the way you eat in the morning by making time to chow down at home. Read about how this New Yorker adjusted to the slower morning ritual during a trip to Sweden.

#2 Start with coffee

The Swedish are known worldwide for their frequent and extensive consumption of coffee, so there’s no way we could make a Swedish breakfast list and leave coffee off.  Enjoy your brew strong and dark like the Swedes, or go ahead and add a little cream and sugar. If you’re feeling wild, try Swedish Egg Coffee.

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#3 Add some options

Sweden is known for smörgåsbords, so it’s no surprise that breakfast includes a variety of hot and cold items. Try building your own traditional Swedish breakfast spread, which has items like oats and hot porridge with the option to add-in milk, cream and jam. Cold cuts, cheese and smörgås, or open sandwiches, usually appear on the table as well.

#4 Save the pastries for fika

A Swedish breakfast tends to be more savory and less about baked goods, which is surprising since the Swedish are so good at the latter – but there’s a good reason why. This is to avoid overloading on pastries before fika. Fikas are like a second breakfast, when you get to indulge in a buttery pastry about an hour or two after a lighter breakfast – around 10 a.m. according to the Swedish Institute.

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