Dreaming Of Thanda Island


Dreaming Of Thanda Island

With summer winding down, we’re already dreaming of our next vacation. And when we dream, we dream big.

How big?

Have you heard of Thanda Island, part of the Zanzibar Archipelago (aka the “Spice Islands”)? Chances are you haven’t. And chances are you’re wondering why we’re writing about a tiny island off the eastern coast of Africa.

Thanda Island was discovered in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneurs Dan and Christin Olofsson and opened in 2016 as a private, luxurious escape. In fact, it was named the most luxurious private island on the planet by the 2016 World Travel Awards.

The island exclusively caters to fewer than 20 guests at a time, guests who can stay in five suites in the luxury villa and enjoy activities like diving, snorkeling, sailing, tennis and spa treatments.

Forbes and Business Insider gushed about Thanda Island in 2016, and we can’t stop watching this video from Thanda Island.

True, the rack rate is $15,000 a night (for up to 19 guests). But we can dream, right?

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