Decorating A Dream Scandinavian Kitchen

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Decorating A Dream Scandinavian Kitchen

After chatting with and getting crazy inspired by Niki Brantmark of My Scandinavian Home, we have kitchen envy. Bad!

A Scandinavian kitchen has a lot of space with an open area to cook. It typically embraces neutral colors, white backgrounds and wooden textures. And like we’ve done in the bedroom and the nursery, we’re dreaming up the perfect Scandinavian kitchen using products you can purchase here in the States.

Photo: ContainPlan


The incorporation of subtle, wooden texture in Scandinavian-designed kitchens is key to getting that chic, minimalist look. We’d like to install a textured, wood-paneled dishwasher, like the ASKO Panel Ready model, to provide the utility of a dishwasher while blending into the clean ambiance of the space.

Thinking about other appliances, to keep the minimalist aesthetic, being able to blend them into the overall look of the kitchen is important. Making use of simple cooktops, such as this Electrolux induction cooktop, on your center island is a great alternative to larger stoves and fits well within the overall design our dream kitchen.


Photo: Danish Design Store

The furniture should match our light, neutral color palate. White furniture usually accentuates the theme of a Scandinavian kitchen and serves as a great color for tables and stands. Tables such as this HAY Loop Stand table by Leif Jørgensen can be used as a dining table in an open area of the kitchen. Instead of adding multiple chairs, we’d pair the table with a chic, wooden bench. Now we’re ready to whip up a smörgåsbord feast for our friends.

Photo: IKEA

To play off the table, we’d add a few Bernhard IKEA barstools to our center island, perfect for the kids to do homework on while dinner is in the making.


Photo: ABILD

Accessories that are used to decorate should still have a purpose in a minimalist, Scandinavian kitchen. While decorating with accessories, we’ll keep our color palette neutral, with colors that contrast well with white. We‘re loving the simple, yet unique, design of these ABILD tea towels with a harmonic stripe design that would match with the theme of our simple kitchen.

It is also common to decorate with useful kitchen cookware like pots. Anything along the lines of this Sarpaneva cast iron pot from the Finnish Design Shop would work nicely, especially displayed over the cooktop on the center island. The darker color of these pots provides a nice contrast to the light, airiness of a Scandinavian-designed kitchen.

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