This Dog Being Carried In An Ikea Bag Is A Mood

Photo: @dog_rates

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This Dog Being Carried In An Ikea Bag Is A Mood

What is a Monday Mood? Well, just like Friday Feels, it is the feeling associated with the vibe of a specific day of the week. Friday feels? Joy. Freedom. Happy go lucky. Think Tom Hansen in “500 Days of Summer.”

A Monday Mood on the other hand? Back to the grind. You ever feel like you need to be picked up and basically airlifted into the office? Maybe you’re a little grouchy. Still wiping the sleep from your eyes.

Sally, the precious hound dog pictured below, can relate.

IKEA USA retweeted a tweet from We Rate Dogs, a popular Twitter account that, just like the name implies, rates the cuteness of dogs. The tweet depicts Sally, who is a textbook definition of a Monday Mood. Best of all? She is repping IKEA.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but we feel you, Sally, we really do.

And, hey – FRAKTA bags are dog-carrying, subway-compliant vessels. Who knew?

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