Everything You Need For Your Kräftskiva (Minus The Crayfish)

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Everything You Need For Your Kräftskiva (Minus The Crayfish)

Crawfish, crawdads, crawdaddies, mudbugs – whatever you call them, in Sweden, they’re called crayfish, and they’re about to be eaten in abundance because it’s time for many Swedes to throw their kräftskiva, or crayfish parties.

The crayfish party is a tradition that started back in the 1900s when restrictions were put into effect to prevent overfishing, which only made Swedes long for the tasty treat even more. Now, Swedes celebrate the traditional crayfish fishing season with an outdoor eating session, complete with friends, lanterns, paper hats and, of course, plenty of crayfish and tasty eats.

With the help of a party supply store and Etsy, there are plenty of crayfish goods that will help take your kräftskiva to the next level. Got your décor covered, but need recipe ideas? Check out our article on throwing your own crayfish party.

Crayfish boil banner – $29

This is a little Nola leaning, but it would make a cute banner nonetheless!

Crayfish plates – $3.99 (for eight)

What’s more meta than eating crayfish on crayfish plates?

Crayfish napkins – $3.99 (for 16)

…eating crayfish with crayfish napkins, that’s what.

Cray Cray host t-shirt – $24.28

Be the host with the most with this conversation starter T-shirt.

Crayfish tablecloth – $4.99

Because, let’s face it. Things will get messy.

Crayfish stickers – $6.99

We’re not totally sure what these could be used for, but we love them.

Crayfish koozie – $6.99

If you’re not drinking schnapps, then keep your beer cool with this crayfish koozie.

Crayfish stamp – $11.75

For the crafter, if you want to DIY your lanterns and paper hats, this crayfish stamp is a must.

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